Marion Airport Says Goodbye to Their Newest Retiree

    For the past several years, the Marion Municipal airport has accomplished more than they ever thought possible. The airport has not only been an important part to the city, but it’s been a gateway for the local community. There is so much that visibly goes on here, but there is even more that takes place behind the scenes. Thanks to the help of several employees, this facility is able to keep running day in and day out. However, out of these several workers, there is one person that stands above all. Her name is Cindy Miller. 

    After thirty-three years of exceptional and much appreciated work, Cindy Miller is retiring from the Marion Municipal Airport. Cindy did so much for the airport. She was the airport's “go to” person. If somebody had a question that couldn’t be answered, they must not have asked Cindy because she knew it all. She kept track of all the numbers and finance, and always kept the airport three steps ahead of the game. She was most known at the airport for her sense of humor and for her talented gift of interior designing. Not only did she have a knack for exceptional designing, but she somehow managed to keep everyone in line and on good behavior.

    Cindy was truly someone that everyone at the airport enjoyed to be around. The Marion Municipal Airport would like thank you Cindy for your thirty-three years of hard work. The airport would not be where it is today without your help.

Posted on June 12, 2014 .