World Traveler Expresses Her Love for Aviation

Claire Hadley

      The Marion Municipal Airport has a large array of services to offer the local community and frequent travelers. Though out of all the services and amenities the airport has to offer, the most popular is their flight school. Anyone can come in and if ready, hop in the plane and start training with a flight instructor to get their pilots license.  Having the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want has captured the attention of many people over the course of several years, but over this course of time, never has the airport captured the attention of such a unique and special individual. 

    Claire Hadley from Midland , Michigan is definitely someone who can say they're never in the same place twice. As a young, intelligent, women with an entire life ahead of her, I sat down with her to hear her story. I wanted to know why she chose to branch out into aviation rather than one of the other countless activities or hobbies she has an interest in. 

    This Fall, Claire will be a Senior at Taylor University earning her degree in Theatre Arts. Claire has a very unique background having spent most of her life on the move. She has been traveling with her parents since she was two years old and has lived in places such as Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, the United States, Kuwait, the Netherlands and even the Philippines. In addition to her love for traveling, Claire has a great love for the linguistics that came along with her travels. She is fluent in Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, and Greek. “If I could just go to school the rest of my life I would just love that. I love learning.” says Claire.  

    When asked what started her interest and motivation for aviation I was immersed with a sea of criteria branching out farther than anyones’ I've received before.  The spark that ignited her love for aviation took place years ago. “When I was four or five years old my mom use to read me a book on Nate Saint, who was a famous missionary pilot, and in 2003 my parents took me to Kitty Hawk. I feel like this a calling from God” says Claire. This was another large spike in interest for her. “God has opened all these doors for me. If I get a calling from him, I wanna jump up and go.  Now, I can do this with a Pilots License”. 

    At the moment, Claire doesn’t have any grand plans with regards to a career in aviation. She says it’ll be a great conversation starter and plans on it being a tremendous help for her applications in the job market. Claire stated that the Air Force might be an option for her one day, especially, if they need pilots. After all, her favorite plane is the B-2 Spirit.

    Ms. Hadley has quite a journey in front of her. She sees the opportunities and doors God has opened up for her and plans on keeping an open mind during her journey and travels. Claire shows the attributes of a strong independent woman, and will practice every skill she has on the road to success . It goes without saying that she has leadership skills and will remain humble during her life long excursion.

Posted on June 4, 2014 .