A Continuing Fifty Year Legacy

     Here at the Marion Airport we shine a lot of light on demonstrating, practicing and teaching every aspect of aviation. These are vital aspects that must be carried forward to keep aviation as a whole safe, professional and fun. The Marion Airport flies these aspects forward by demonstrating and offering professional expertise in all subjects of flying. It takes true experts in aviation to legitimately preform these task as well as show demonstration to aviation enthusiast of all ages. There are many people who partake in aviation but few who can truly say they practice every one of these aspects. If there is one aviator at the Marion Airport that does this all, his name is Richard Darlington. 

    Mr. Darlington has been recently awarded the Masters Pilot Award that recognizes demonstration of professionalism, skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 years or more. Mr. Darlington has been flying for over 50 years fused with a blend of general aviation flying and corporate flying. Dick Darlington spends a lot of his time flying with the clouds all across the country. He is a corporate pilot for Avis Industrial Corporation and has been safely flying the company in and out of Marion for the past thirty-four years. While he does spend a lot of time with Avis Industries, he spends any remaining time he has at the airport. Mr. Darlington’s passion for aviation goes in and outside of the cockpit. He flight instructs when he can and tends to airport so its stays in top condition. He is definitely an aviator of many virtues. 

    On behalf of the Marion Airport we would like to congratulate you Captain Darlington on all of the hard work and dedication you have put forth in aviation. Your expertise and passion for flying is unquestionably seen by everyone here and outside of the airport. A thousand thank you’s for everything you do and share with us. Like the Master Pilot Award, we hope you too accept our extended well wishes as you continue to fly the world forward. 

Posted on September 11, 2014 .