Indy Airstrip Attack

This event starts on Saturday August 6th and continues onto the next day. They have multiple classes. There is a 6-speed Unlimited by Speed Society, Exotic Shootout, AWD Unlimited, 2WD Unlimited, Naturally Aspired, BMW/AMG Shootout, and Corvette Shootout. The length of the race is one half of a mile. The doors will be open at 7 o’clock in the morning at the Marion Municipal airport. To be a spectator it cost $20 for one day and $30 for both. There is a limited amount of tickets for each day. If one wants to buy tickets they are available on the SHIFT S3ECTOR website, the link is at the bottom for the article. Even if there is rain the event will still be held. If conditions are not conducive or dangerous the races will be made safer.

Participants in these events will be lined up by another car, but they are only racing themselves. They do have the choice of racing with only themselves on the track or to have another car on there with them. Either way will not affect their ability to earn spots in the finals. The finals will be comprised of the top four finishers in each category. Racers must pay extra to be able to compete for a trophy. Racers are advised to race Saturday as well as Sunday. This way they are not as rushed to get qualified if they just tried to qualify on Sunday. They have more breathing room, especially if there is rain on Sunday.

If a participant wants to race at speeds greater than 180 they have to be certified by SHIFT S3CTOR. If they had been previously certified they can be issued a certification without having to go through the process of getting certified again.  They have to make two passes, one in each lane, by SHIFT S3CTOR personnel. If the vehicle appears structurally stable, then it may receive its certification. A participant is not allowed to race at speeds exceeding 180 if they are not certified. They will be forced to leave without receiving their money back if they continue. The same requirements continue if one wants to go higher than 199, except the passes must be completed at 199+.

There are a few things that each and every racer must do make sure that it is safe to race. They must have a helmet. There are a few pages of paperwork they must fill out.  As stated before they must prove that the car is stable enough to exceed 180 and 199. If a racer is using a convertible there should be some form of roll-bar. Participants do not have to have fire suits, gloves, etc., but it is strongly recommended to have them.


Posted on July 21, 2016 .