Jim McKinney - BOAC President.jpeg

Jim McKinney

Board Member

Larry Wilson - BOAC Member.jpeg

Larry Wilson

Board Member

Randy Checkouras - BOAC Member.jpeg

Randy Checkouras

Board Member

Arndt Mueller - BOAC Member.jpeg

Arndt Mueller

Board Member

Phil Stephenson - BOAC Attorney.jpeg

Phil Stephenson

Board Attorney

Andy Darlington - Airport Manager.jpeg

Andy Darlington

Airport Manager

Our Board of Aviation Commissioners meet on the first Thursday of the the month at 1:30pm here in the terminal of the airport.  The public is welcome to attend.

Electronic Attendance Policy

1. Any member of the Board of Aviation Commission shall be entitled to participate by electronic communication so long as participation shall meet those requirements provided for within this policy.

2. If a member meets the requirements as established by this policy, or participates in a meeting by electronic communication, the member:

a. is considered to be present at the meeting;

b. shall be counted for purposes of establishing a quorum; and

c. may vote at the meeting

3. Any member who participates by electronic communication must attend at least four (4) meetings per year in person.

4. Any electronic communication utilized must permit all members who are present in person to be able to simultaneously communicate to members attending by electronic communication.

5. This policy must be posted on the internet website of the Marion Board of Aviation Commission.