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Fly/In Cruise/In

August 31, 2019 - Marion Municipal Airport 29th annual Fly/In Cruise/In. (Information) The event is form 7am- 12Pm. There is a all you can eat pancake breakfast in the morning and proceeds benefit Grant County Rescue Mission. You can even take a ride on the historic 1928 Ford Tri-Motor Airplane! Pricing information can be found on or call 1-877-952-5395. This year will also feature a rare 1939 Spartan executive 7W. For more information involving the event call 765-664-2588. Email or visit

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AOPA Safety Seminar and AOPA Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost Seminar

Come join us on April 23, 2019 at Marion Municipal Airport for two exciting (FREE!) events. Register for one or both events below. Dinner is provided for free between the two events. 

REGISTER  5:30pm - 6:30pm - AOPA Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost Seminar - Flying Clubs & What They Can Mean To You
More Info...

REGISTER  7:00pm - 8:30pm - AOPA Air Safety Institute Investigates Weather Accidents - Earn FAA WINGS Credit!

Contact us at if you have questions.

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2018 Fly/In Cruise/In

The 28th Annual Fly/In Cruise/In will be held Saturday, September 1st, 2018 at the Marion, Indiana Municipal Airport (MZZ).  The action starts early at 7:00am and runs until 2:00pm.  This annual event features antique, classic, homebuilt, ultralight, rotorcraft and warbird aircraft as well as vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, fire trucks, autocycles, military vehicles and tractors.  An all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast is served. 

All proceeds from the Fly/In Cruise/In benefit Gilead Ministries.

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to Aug 19

2018 Indy Airstrip Attack

The Indy Airstrip Attack has continued to grow over the past few years. When Airstrip Attack first came to Indiana in 2016 there were 2,500 curious spectators who had no idea what to expect. In 2017, 4,000 spectators mobbed into Marion Airport, a 60 percent increase in spectator attendance. With the addition of 220 plus drivers and riders, 30 plus sponsors and vendors, and over 40 media outlets, the Indy Airstrip Attack is quickly becoming one of the marquee trap speed events in the Midwest.
The two-day half-mile side-by-side trap speedcompetition features some of the fastest stockand modified street cars in the country
In 2017, spectators saw a new half-mile world record set as Gidi Chamdi ripped his Underground Racing Huracan down the tarmac to the tune of 257 mph! One thing the team learned about these events is records don’t last long—drivers and teams will continue to push their cars and nerves to the limits.

Additional details will be available at

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Marion City Council Approves New Airport Building

On July 7, 2015, the Marion Common Council met with board members of the Marion Municipal Airport and approved the action of constructing a new hangar at the Marion airport. The building will be a multi-functional space that will first be used for snow removal equipment, and possibly used as an airplane hangar in the future. The hanger will measure 42 foot by 80 foot, be steel-framed, and constructed by Morton Buildings. President of the Aviation Board, Jim McKinney, spoke with the Marion Common Council regarding the need for the new storage building. McKinney says “We are hoping to have the building up and running by this winter. It will be a heated building, and a lot of the equipment we use for snow removal, or general maintenance, is diesel operated. In order to keep the equipment in good shape we need to get it inside.”

    Not only will the building be good for the upkeep of the airports equipment, but the financing of the building will be very taxpayer friendly. According to the Marion Aviation Board Attorney, Phil Stephenson, taxpayer money won’t be needed at all. “Five times so far in the past 22 years we have come before the council asking to borrow some additional funds,” says Stephenson, “those funds are never paid for through the budget, we have never involved tax dollars. The statute which we are guided by even prohibits the use of tax dollars.”

    McKinney also informed the council of their excellent track record with past loans they’ve been given, and that they have money on hand to build the equipment building. McKinney also stated that the loan will allow them to save the money and use it for future Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded projects.

    “The Board of Aviation actually has the cash on hand right now to cover the costs of this building, but we have federal grants in the works at all times,” said McKinney. “We are anticipating the start of three different projects for next year, and we would like to keep this cash on hand to make sure we have enough seed money to cover our portion of any federal projects, and this loan will let us do that.”

    As previously stated, Air Marion is hoping to have the building up and running by this winter. This building will be a great addition to the Marion Municipal Airport as it continues to grow and expand.


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Fly/In Cruise/In Pancake Breakfast

There is a nice blend of antique and classic cars mixed with classic warbirds and general
aviation aircraft at this annual pancake breakfast at the Marion Municipal Airport. All
proceeds from the "all you can eat" breakfast benefit the Marion High School Band Boosters.
For more information and contact numbers please see the:

Official Fly/In Cruise/In Website

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