Indiana Airports Economic Impact Study Released; Local Economic Impact Equals $108,420,430

Statewide economic impact of Indiana airports surpassed $14 billion


Marion, Ind., January 11, 2013 – In Grant County, the Marion Municipal Airport contributes $108,420,430 in economic output and creates and sustains over 650 jobs with a payroll of $30,284,266 in Grant County, underscoring the vital role airports play in the economic vitality of local communities and the state of Indiana. 

These data were released on Tuesday, Nov. 13, by the Aviation Association of Indiana (AAI) and Conexus Indiana as part of the 2012 Indiana Airports Economic Impact Study. Both AAI and Conexus Indiana are statewide industry-focused organizations with a common goal of supporting Indiana’s airports and leveraging their impact on Indiana’s economy.  

In total, Indiana’s 69 public-use airports, as part of the State’s Aviation System Plan, contribute $14.1 billion in economic output and create and sustain more than 69,000 jobs in Indiana. 
The AAI and Conexus Indiana partnered with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to develop the 24-page report that outlines the economic benefits of Indiana’s airports to the State of Indiana, with specific details on how each airport, including the Marion Municipal Airport, impacts local municipalities and the state. 

“Many local businesses and residents rely on the state’s robust airport network to move products, conduct business travel and bring travelers in and out of our community,” said Jim McKinney, President of the Marion Board of Aviation Commissioners. “The Marion Municipal Airport provides a lifeline to a global marketplace as well as to neighboring communities and states. It’s a major economic development asset for us as we continue to attract business and industry as well as residents who want to make Grant County their home.”

Additional study results include:

 •    Indiana airports serve the transportation needs of more than 6.5 million Hoosiers

 •    Indiana airports account for a total payroll of $4.1 billion. Of the total 69,149 jobs, approximately 30 percent exist at Indianapolis International Airport, another 23 percent exist at Indiana’s other three commercial airports, and the remaining 47 percent exist at Indiana’s 65 general aviation airports. 

In addition to creating jobs in communities across the state, our local airport provides transportation for executives and employees of business, support for air cargo and logistics operations, emergency medical transportation, law enforcement/search-and-rescue efforts, aerial agricultural operations, flight training and education, land surveying and entertainment. Here in Grant County the Marion Municipal Airport supports.

“The numbers once again tell the story about the positive impact of Indiana’s aviation industry,” said Kevin Brinegar, president and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. “That impact extends well beyond the commercial airports in the larger cities to the many general aviation facilities that provide timely service to local businesses and individuals throughout the state.”

The study was modeled after FAA-endorsed study methodologies to determine the economic impact of both on-airport and off-airport property businesses to the state’s economy. This includes the economic impact of businesses located on airport property, such as airlines and air traffic control, and airport users, including businesses that use airport services to support business functions.  

The overall economic impact of airports to the state, however, includes more than direct contributions from on-airport and off-airport businesses.  When businesses themselves or their employees spend money in the local community to purchase food, pay for childcare or entertainment, those dollars are also accounted for in the overall economic impact. The economic impact outlined in the 2012 report takes into consideration all direct, in-direct and residual economic impacts. 

“These study results paint a clear picture of the value of Indiana’s airports not only to residents who rely on air travel for business and pleasure, but to the thousands of businesses that rely on airport services to move people and products,” said Bart Giesler, executive director of the Aviation Association of Indiana. “This backs our continued assertion that aviation investment by the state creates jobs in the private sector. Airports connect Hoosier businesses to their customers and this connection means jobs.” 

A full copy of the report can be found on the AAI website at or the Conexus Indiana website at

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The Aviation Association of Indiana (AAI) represents public use airports across the State of Indiana before the Indiana General Assembly and other state and local units of government. AAI also serves to educate the policy makers and the public about the economic impacts and benefits of general aviation to the communities they serve.

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